Proposed Plan of Study
MS in Applied Statistics
Department of Statistics
Western Michigan University

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Proposed Plan of Study:

  1. Fill in your proposed plan of study in the table below. The required courses (first five entries) are offered every year. Allowable electives are listed in the M.S. Statistics program description.
  2. Your plan of study should total at least 32 credit hours.
  3. If you change your mind about electives, a newer plan of study may be submitted in the future. When applying for graduation, your transcript of courses should match the latest plan of study that was approved by your advisor.
  4. It may be helpful to view some examples.

Item Semester and Year Course Number Credit Hrs. Comment
1. Fall Stat 6500 4 Required
2. Fall Stat 6620 3 Required
3. Spring Stat 6600 4 Required
4. Spring Stat 6640 3 Required
5. Fall Stat 6800 3 Required
6. Stat 3 Elective 1 (See Course offerings)
7. Stat 3 Elective 2 (See Course offerings)
8. Stat 3 Elective 3 (See Course offerings)
9. Stat 3 Elective 4 (See Course offerings)
10. Stat 3 Elective 5 (See Course offerings)

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