Statistics Alumni Award Colloquium
October 24 (Fri) 11 a.m.
Alavi Commons Room, 6625 Everett Tower

I Love Being a Statistician

Boyd Hanson
2014 WMU Statistics Department Alumni Award Recipient
Executive Director of Biometrics at BioMarin
Novato, California

I discovered inferential statistics as an undergraduate student doing biological research. My love for the application of statistical methods to advance scientific knowledge led me to become a statistician. I have had an extremely rewarding career; I am fortunate to spend my days doing something I love to do. I have spent most of my professional career as a statistician in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, helping to bring life changing drugs to people who need them. And I have had other enriching experiences, such as contributing to agricultural research in Rwanda. I will share some of the challenges and rewards of my life as a statistician.

All statistics students are expected to attend.


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