Statistics Colloquium/PhD Defense
October 27 Friday, 11 a.m.
Alavi Commons Room, 6625 Everett Tower

Diagnostics for Choosing Between Stratified Logrank and Stratified Wlicoxon

Jhoanne Marsh Gatpatan, PhD Candidate
Department of Statistics
Western Michigan University

Martinez and Naranjo (2010) proposed a diagnostic Q that may be used as a pretest for deciding between the logrank or Wilcoxon test in the two-sample case. However, we often want to compare treatment groups after adjusting for covariate effects. In this study, we investigate the performance of the stratified logrank and stratified Wilcoxon tests in controlling for the effects of a categorical covariate. We propose pretests based on Q that help decide between using stratified logrank or stratified Wilcoxon. Power perfomance of each adaptive test was assessed using simulations under various patterns of proportional hazard and non-proportional hazard distributions.

All statistics graduate students are expected to attend.


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