Statistics Colloquium
Dec. 4 (Fri) 11 a.m.
Alavi Commons Room, 6625 Everett Tower

Using a Microsoft Surface in Teaching an Introductory Statistics Course

Teaching Assistants
Department of Statistics
Western Michigan University

Teaching assistants in the department were put into teams to come up with some way to better engage students while using the Microsoft Surface in their introductory courses. Below are each teams abstracts, they will provide a 10 minute demonstration/presentation.


Paige Ng, Prince Allotey, Jhoanne Gatpatan, and Michael Wesner

What separates a surface from any other computer or tablet? Mobility. The Surface Pro allows the user all of the functions of a pc but with the added bonus of the mobility of a tablet. Until now, we have used the Surfaces as if they were normal laptops or normal tablets, not getting the full benefit of the surface. With the Microsoft Wireless Adapter, we would be able to utilize every aspect of the surface while giving our students the best chance to learn. One of the biggest issues in the classroom is turning our backs to write on the board, effectively cutting off communication with our students for that moment. If we utilized the wireless adapter we could effectively never turn our back on the students. Using the surface as it was meant to be used, teaching with the slides on the board while we walk around. If the time calls for it we also have the ability to write directly on the surface and have that writing projected directly on the slides. Using the wireless adapters in classrooms would eliminate turning our back on the class and still give us all the abilities and freedom that a white board gives.


Harmony Luce, Dan McGuire, Jerry Dogbey-Gakpetor, and Eunice Ampah

No abstract provided.


Joyce Lope, Bang Le, Jacqueline Andan, and James Dzikunu

Our group will be talking about utilization of Surface in teaching. Specifically, our group focused on its use in teaching Statistics 3660. We will be demonstrating how to integrate all Statistics 3660 materials such as Handouts, Tables, Quizzes and Workshops to easily access it using OneNote. This will result to an effective use of time since all materials are consolidated in one file. Moreover, this will be beneficial to students as they will have an easy access to softcopy of the materials, including solutions.


Kyle Sullivan, Yao Li, Tina Javeloza, and Leonard Johnson

This presentation focuses on how surface is used to teach specific statistical topics, such as normal distribution and regression, in class. Also, surface benefits the statistical courses that emphasize graphic calculator use. So, we will show how surface helps beginner students to apply calculator technique to better solve statistical problems. Moreover, compared with traditional teaching notes on white board, we will discuss how surface presents and saves teaching notes in a better way. In addition, surface provides instructors in statistical courses more opportunities to make good use of the Internet resources such as websites and videos.


All statistics students are expected to attend.


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