Application Guide for Graduate Admission and Teaching Assistantship
The Department of Statistics
Western Michigan University

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Welcome. This page is an information guide for graduate applicants to the Department of Statistics. Starting in 2006, WMU is instituting a predominantly online application process. Please note that the application for teaching assistantship is done separately from the application for admission (see below).

  1. Application for Admission

    The Application for Admission to your desired Statistics Graduate Program (MS Applied Statistics or PhD Statistics) is submitted to the Graduate College for US residents, or to International Services and Student Affairs (ISSA) in the case of international students.

  2. Application for Teaching Assistantship

    The Application for Teaching Assistantship is a separate application that is submitted to the Department of Statistics. All applicants for Teaching Assistantship must also have submitted an application for admission to the desired graduate program. Teaching Assistants currently receive a stipend of approximately $11,000 for the academic year plus a partial tuition waiver, in exchange for teaching two sections of elementary mathematics or statistics class per semester. TA decisions for Fall semester are made starting Feb. 15, but applications will be accepted as late as August.

If you have questions about the graduate programs or the application process, please visit the FAQ page or email the Statistics graduate advisor .

Statistics Home | Stat Lab | People | Resources | Programs | Courses | WMU