Stat 160 Prequiz over Normal Quantiles and Empirical Rule: Sections 5.4 & 5.5

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1. Suppose the weight of a collie is normally distributed with mean 40 pounds. Which statement is true about a collie whose weight is at the 60th quantile?

Collie should eat more.
The collie's weight exceeds 40 pounds.
The collie's weight falls below 40 pounds.
None of the above.
2. In terms of Problem 1, suppose a second collie is at the third quartile in weight. Which statement is true?

The second collie is a frequent visitor of a fast food place.
The second collie weighs less than the collie of Problem 1.
25% of the collies weigh more than the second collie.
None of the above.
3. For the empirical rule to make sense for a data set,

Its histogram should be approximately mound shaped.
Its histogram should be very skewed.
Its histogram should be obtained using an Rweb module.
Its histogram should be approved by the federal government.
4. Suppose the empirical rule is true for a set of data with average 50 and standard deviation 10. Which statement is false.

About half of the data are less than 50.
About 95% of the data fall between 30 to 70.
About half of the data are less than the third quartile.
About 68% of the data fall between 40 to 60.