Stat 160 Prequiz over Section 8.3 and 8.4

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1. Suppose we have two samples. The Wilcoxon test statistic T counts up the number of times the items in one sample beats (is larger than) the items of the second sample.

The sample mean must be obtained first.
2. In this chapter, we obtain p values by

Obtaining the mean.
Looking in a Table.
Tender loving care.
3. The word matches in this chapter refers to

The number of pairs consisting of one member from each sample.
A tennis game.
The number of matches made by a match maker in a Russian village.
Something that when struck ignites.
4. In this chapter the alternative of ignorance refers to

This is not discussed in Chapter 8. each sample.
Items from one population tend to be larger than items from the second population.
The two populations differ.
A stupid alternative.