Stat 160 Prequiz over Section 10.4, 10.5

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1. In a randomized paired design the data come in

As independent samples.
In pairs.
As discrete data.
2. The signed rank Wilcoxon statistic counts up

The number of pairs where the first item is positive.
The number of pairs where the first item is negative.
The number of polar magnetic switches.
The number of positive Walsh averages.
3. Suppose in a paired design there were 12 pairs. What is the expected value of the signed rank Wilcoxon if the null hypothesis is true?

4. Consider a confidence interval for the difference between two proportions. Suppose the null hypothesis is that the proportions are the same. If the confidence interval contains all positive values then we can say

The true proportions differ significantly.
The true proportions do not differ significantly.
The result is inconclusive.
The sample size is too small.