Stat 160 Prequiz over Section 3.1 and 3.2

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1. Is resampling a good way of estimating probabilities?

Yes. You can have the computer perform the experiment as many times as you want and never get bored.
No. It is not a good technique. What do computers know about the real world?
No. You cannot guarantee independence in the trials.
Yes. Even if you set the experiment up incorrectly, you will still get the right answer.
2. I ran an experiment 100 times (n=100) and estimated the probability of my desired event to be .25 (p-hat=.25). Is it possible to estimate the error of this probability?

Only experts can do this.
Impossible to say
3. As you increase your sample size, the error of your estimation:

Approaches infinity
Stays the same
4. In solving a probability problem by resampling the most important thing is to

Click on class code.
Set up a correct model.
Guess the answer to avoid a stupid error.
Ask your friend for help.