Stat 2160 Policy Statement

Stat 2160:  Business Statistics

Fall 2012 Policy Statement


Undergraduate level MATH 1160 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 116 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 1180 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 118 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 1220 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 122 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 1230 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level MATH 123 Minimum Grade of C.  Any student who has completed this requirement elsewhere must go to 3303 Everett Tower, and verify eligibility to take Stat 2160.  STUDENTS FAILING TO MEET THE PRE-REQUISITE WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE BY THE DEPARTMENT ON THE LAST DAY OF THE DROP/ADD PERIOD.  The fee to be re-admitted into a course after the drop and add period is $50.


Business Statistics Stat 2160 by WMU Statistical Computing Lab.   Our work this term will be built around the materials of this text.  You will be expected to read it to supplement the lectures.   It contains many examples for you to study and problems to solve, to develop your skills.  You are also expected to bring your book to class everyday; your instructor may refer to specific examples and exercises during class.  Statistics is not a spectator sport; you need to do it to learn.  You can't learn it by just watching your instructor.


A TI-84 graphing calculator is required for this course.  It is especially useful for statistics.  Learning how to use your calculator well will pay off for you in this class; however, your instructor will NOT spend class time teaching you "what buttons to push."  You will be expected to read the manual and figure it out yourself.


There will be two exams during the term, plus a final exam.  The final exam is a mass exam; i.e., everyone must take it at the assigned time: Friday, December 14, 2012, at 8 a.m.

 The only exceptions (with proof) are military service, death in the immediate family, or a significant illness.  The locations will be in large lecture halls and will be announced soon.  Therefore, you or a family member should not make travel or vacation plans that will interfere with this schedule.  Consequently, NO students will be allowed to take the final exam early.  

Exam Day Date Where
First Mon Oct. 8, 2012 during your classroom time
Second Mon Nov. 12, 2012 during your classroom time
Final Friday Dec. 14, 2012 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Note: Bring #2 pencils, erasers, your TI-84, and your ID to the exams.  Your instructor will have information on room assignments for the final exam.  Please mark these times in your schedule now.  The policy on make-up exams is very strict; A MISSED EXAM IS A ZERO SCORE.  If you have a good reason for missing the exam*, you must apply in writing for permission to take a make-up exam, which is given at the end of the semester.  Obtain a form from your instructor, and you will be notified later of the decision.  All make-ups will be administered on Friday, 12/14/2012; 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.   *This applies only to exams 1 and 2.  There is no such thing as a make-up final exam.

Review Session:

Question and answer periods are held before each exam, from 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. in 1104 Rood Hall.

Crib Sheets:

To avoid memorization of formulas, cribsheets will be allowed.  For the exams, a sheet of paper (8.5 x 11) can be used (both sides).  Two sheets are allowed for the final.

Final Grades:

Your grade for the course will be based on exams, quizzes and homework assignments with the following weights:
First Exam: Second Exam: Final Exam: Quizzes/Homework: Project:
20% 20% 30% 15% 15%

The following scale will be used in determining your final grade:
90 - 100 85 - 89 78 - 84 73 - 77 63 - 72 57 - 62 50 - 56 0 - 49

Statistical Computing:

We will use Microsoft Excel which is available on the PCs at the Haworth College of Business computer lab, the University Computing Center (UCC), the Bernhard Center, and Rood Hall.  Three or four Excel homework assignments will be given this semester.  Many examples are given in the textbook, showing you exactly how to do various statistical exercises.  For the most part, your instructor will not spend much class time explaining how to use Excel.  Like the TI-84, you are expected to figure it out on your own.


Incompletes will only be given according to University and Departmental policy.  An incomplete is not a substitute for a failing grade; they are given only after completing a major portion of the coursework with a passing grade, and circumstances beyond your control prevent you from completing the coursework.


Useful information for the class can be found at the Stat 2160 Home Page.  Visit the site regularly - all information posted there is then assumed to be common knowledge for Stat 2160 students.  It may also be used for course announcements.

e-mail:  Stat 2160 Director