Stat 2160:  Business Statistics

Spring 2013 Suggested Problems

Chapter 1
pg.20:		1(a-h), 3(a-c), 5(a-c), 7(a-e), 9(a-f)

Chapter 2
pg.33:		1(a-c), 3(a-c), 5(a-c), 7(a-c)

Chapter 3
pg.45:		1(a-d), 3(a-d), 5(a-c), 7(a-b)

Chapter 4
pg.59:		1(a-b), 3(a-c), 5, 7(a-c)

Chapter 5
pg.69		1(a-d), 3(a-c), 5,(a-b), 7(a-b), 9(a-c)

Chapter 6
pg.78:		1, 3, 5(a-b), 7

Chapter 7
pg.89:		1(a-d), 3(a-c), 5, 7(a-b)

Chapter 8
pg.106:		1(a-h), 3(a-d), 5(a-e), 7(a-b), 9(a-d)

Chapter 9
pg.119		1(a-f), 3(a-c), 5, 7(a-d)

Chapter 10
pg.137:		1(a-j), 3(a-b), 5(a-b), 7(a-d), 9(a-f), 11(a-d), 13(a-c), 15(a-b), 17(a-c)

Chapter 11
pg.152:		1, 3, 5(a-d)

Chapter 12
pg.160:		1(a-e), 3(a-d)

Chapter 13
pg.179:		1(a-h), 3(a-b), 

Note: The odd-numbered exercises in this book have answers posted at this web-site.   A word of caution, the solutions are still being proofread at this moment.   Please let your instructor know if you find any answers that are incorrect.