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3381 Rood Hall
phone: (269) 387-2852

Dr. Joseph W. McKean
5506 Everett Tower
Department of Statistics
phone: (269) 387-4541

Dr. John Kapenga
Department of Computer Science
phone: (269) 387-5657

Gilbert Muma
3379 Rood Hall
Department of Statistics

Therawat Wisadrattanapong
3379 Rood Hall
Department of Statistics


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The SCL provides the services listed below. Clients can make an appointment by calling or e-mailing one of the directors of the SCL, Dr. Joseph W. McKean and Dr. John Kapenga, or the coordinators, Therawat Wisadrattanapong and Gilbert Muma.


There are no fees for grant preparation, provided the SCL is a line item in the budget and/or an SCL staff consultant becomes a co-investigator.

The Statistical Computation Lab (SCL) offers statistical consulting services to Western Michigan students and faculty, as well as to outside clients. In the past, we were able to offer some free consulting to graduate students and faculty of WMU. But due to budget cutbacks, we no longer have the TAs to offer this service. However, we still offer the low rate of $40.00 per hour for consulting with a statistical PhD graduate student.

For WMU faculty, the Department of Statistics also offers consulting services. The fee is negotiated by individual faculty (generally $150.00 per hour). But this fee can be offset by grant participation and research opportunities.

These fees are negotiable, depending on service required. Fees can also be negotiated for projects and contracts. Fees for courses vary depending on their topic and length.

Please note: the SCL does do funded research. In order to pay its bills (staff, hardware, and software), just like any other organization, the funded research has the highest service priority of the SCL.

The SCL is interested in collaborating with other scientists at WMU and local industry. When an an SCL staff consultant becomes a co-author on a paper, he/she will take an active role in writing the statistical parts of the paper.

The SCL works closely with the Department of Statistics and Computer Science. A description of an incoming project is often e-mailed to the faculty who in turn may offer their consulting services or help in the preparation of a grant proposal. Faculty may also offer short courses through the SCL. The following are our areas of expertise:
Analysis of Variance Multiple Comparison Procedures
Basic Statistical Methods Monte Carlo Procedures
Bootstrap Multivariate Methods
Categorical Analysis Nonlinear Models
Classification Nonparametric Procedures
Descriptive Procedures Principal Components
Design of Experiments Propensity Analysis
Development of Statistical Software Resampling Techniques
Discriminant Analysis Response Surface Methods
Environmental Statistics Robust Statistical Procedures
Factor Analysis Statistical Computing
Industrial Design of Experiments Statistical Graphic Procedures
Linear Regression Survival Analysis
Logistic Regression Taguchi Methods
Meta Analysis Time Series

Send questions or comments to a therawat.wisadrattanapong@wmich.edu
or gilbert.n.muma@wmich.edu

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