Stat1600  Spring 2016

Section 10929 9:30-10:45 TR. 2710 Sangren Hall.

J.C. Wang, 5503 Everett Tower
Office Hours: 1:30-4:00 W and by appointment.
Note: Students are expected to use the tutor labs (see below) for all course-content-related problems.

Section 10934 2:00-3:15 TR. 1720 Sangren Hall.

Y. Li

Section 12249 11:00-12:15 TR. 1720 Sangren Hall.

Maria Cristina B. Javeloza

Section 14047 12:30-1:45 TR. 1280 Schneider Hall.

Maria Cristina B. Javeloza

To assure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, faculty members at Western Michigan University need to know how a disability will impact student participation and work in courses. Any student registered with Disability Services for Students who would like to discuss accommodations for this class should contact the instructor of record in a timely manner. Students with documented disabilities who are not registered with DSS should call the office at (269) 387-2116 or visit Students cannot request academic accommodations without scheduling an appointment and meeting with a DSS staff member. If a student does not register with DSS, their academic accommodations/modifications cannot be executed.

Point Distribution of Final Exam

Point Distribution of Final Exam.

Tutor Lab

Tutor lab (in 3363 Rood Hall) is available now. Hours are listed below. Please read carefully Tutor Lab Expectations for Students in Statistics Courses concerning what you can expect and what you cannot expect from tutors.

The tutor lab will not be held during final exam week. Contact your instructor for office hours during this week.