Stat1600  Classnotes  Fall 2015

Classnotes are presented in slides which are stored in xxxxx.pdf, for example, SummNum.pdf below. You are encouraged to download slides for viewing classnotes with transitional effect. However, DO NOT print these files. Instead, download/print its handout version stored in xxxxx_handout.pdf, for example, SummNum_handout.pdf below.

Tips for viewing slides:

  1. Class Note 01: Syllabus, Knowledge and Data. note01handout.pdf (handout) and note01.pdf (slides)
  2. Class Note 02: Data Presentation #1. note02handout.pdf (handout) and note02.pdf (slides)
  3. Class Note 03: Data Presentation #2. note03handout.pdf (handout) and note03.pdf (slides)
  4. Class Note 04: Data Presentation #3. note04handout.pdf (handout) and note04.pdf (slides)
  5. Class Note 05: Estimate of Center. note05handout.pdf (handout) and note05.pdf (slides)
  6. Class Note 06: Estimate of Spread. note06handout.pdf (handout) and note06.pdf (slides)
  7. Class Note 07: The Normal Distribution. note07handout.pdf (handout) and note07.pdf (slides)
  8. Class Note 08: The Normal Percentile. note08handout.pdf (handout) and note08.pdf (slides)
  9. Class Note 09: The Binomial Distribution, Part 1. note09handout.pdf (handout) and note09.pdf (slides)
  10. Class Note 10: The Binomial Distribution, Part 2. note10handout.pdf (handout) and note10.pdf (slides)
  11. Class Note 11: The Sampling Distribution of Proportion, Part 1. note11handout.pdf (handout) and note11.pdf (slides)
  12. Class Note 12: The Sampling Distribution of Proportion, Part 2. note12handout.pdf (handout) and note12.pdf (slides)
  13. Class Note 13: Comparing Two Proportions, Part 1: Difference in Proportions. note13handout.pdf (handout) and note13.pdf (slides)
  14. Class Note 14: Comparing Two Proportions, Part 2: Risk Ratio. note14handout.pdf (handout) and note14.pdf (slides)
  15. Class Note 15: Comparing Two Proportions, Part 3: Odds Ratio. note15handout.pdf (handout) and note15.pdf (slides)
  16. Class Note 16: Threats to Valid Comparisons. note16handout.pdf (handout) and note16.pdf (slides)
  17. Class Note 17: Study Designs. note17handout.pdf (handout) and note17.pdf (slides)
  18. Class Note 18: Sampling Distribution of the Mean. note18handout.pdf (handout) and note18.pdf (slides)
  19. Class Note 19: Comparing Means of Two Independent Populations. note19handout.pdf (handout) and note19.pdf (slides)
  20. Class Note 20: Comparing Means of Two Dependent Populations: Paired Data. note20handout.pdf (handout) and note20.pdf (slides)
  21. Class Note 21: Test of Independence/Association of Two Categorical Variables: note21handout.pdf (handout) and note21.pdf (slides)
  22. Class Note 22: Correlation: note22handout.pdf (handout) and note22.pdf (slides)
  23. Class Note 23: Simple Linear Regression: note23handout.pdf (handout) and note23.pdf (slides)