Stat680  Classnotes  Fall 2015

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Classnotes are presented in slides which are stored in xxxxx.pdf, for example, note01.pdf below. You are encouraged to download slides for viewing classnotes with transitional effect. However, DO NOT print these files. Instead, download/print its handout version stored in xxxxxhandout.pdf, for example, note01handout.pdf below.

Tips for viewing slides:

  1. Basic Concepts #1 (presentation: note01.pdf, handout: note01handout.pdf)
    SAS language, SAS log, SAS data sets, SAS output, system options, SAS comments, producing report
  2. Basic Concepts #2 (note02.pdf and note02handout.pdf)
    Reading raw data, referencing an external file, INPUT statement, data step processing
  3. Basic Concepts #3 (note03.pdf and note03handout.pdf)
    SAS date/time/datetime values, and more on creating/managing variables.
  4. Basic Concepts #4 (note04.pdf and note04handout.pdf)
    Reading single SAS data set, SAS functions and call routines.
  5. Basic Concepts #5 (note05.pdf and note05handout.pdf)
    Customizing I/O Using Proc Format.
  6. Basic Concepts #6 (note06.pdf and note06handout.pdf)
    Introduction to report writing: use of by-line, PROC Report, PROC Means, PROC Freq.
  7. Basic Concepts #7 (note07.pdf and note07handout.pdf)
    Do Loops and Arrays
  8. Basic Concepts #8 (note08.pdf and note08handout.pdf)
    More on data step: INPUT line control pointers, INFILE statement options, SET statement options.
  9. Basic Concepts #9 (note09.pdf and note09handout.pdf)
    Combining data sets by using data step: cancatenating, interleaving, one-to-one reading, merging, and updating.
  10. Basic Concepts #10 (note10.pdf and note10handout.pdf)
    Output Delivery System, an Introduction.
  11. SAS Macros #1 (note11.pdf and note11handout.pdf)
    SAS Macros: An Introduction.
  12. SAS Macros #2 (note12.pdf and note12handout.pdf)
    SAS Macros: Round 2.
  13. SAS Macros #3 (note13.pdf and note13handout.pdf)
    SAS Macros: Round 3.
  14. SAS Macros #4 (note14.pdf and note14handout.pdf)
    SAS Macros: Round 4.
  15. SAS Macros #5 (note15.pdf and note15handout.pdf)
    SAS Macros: Round 5.
  16. SAS and DDE (note16.pdf and note16handout.pdf)
    Dynamic Data Exchange in SAS (with Excel).
  17. SAS SQL #1 (note17.pdf and note17handout.pdf)
    SAS Structured Query Language #1.
  18. SAS SQL #2 (note18.pdf and note18handout.pdf)
    SAS Structured Query Language #2.

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